Unitrade Cluster follows the continuously improving system for environment preservation, laid down in the main companies’ strategies, dedicated to the environment friendly waste recycling.

The recycled by the companies in the cluster waste from plastic is an input material for the production of regranulate.

The installations used, allow the companies to close the cycle of processing waste and its transformation into high quality raw materials.

The activity of the cluster is based on the following principles:

• Clean and healthy environment;

• Integrated waste management;

• Full responsibility of the contaminant;

• Participation of society.


The main objectives of the companies are:

• Eco-friendly treatment of the plastic waste that enters into the company or is internally generated;

• Compliance with the requirements and regulations referring to the issues of waste management;

• Gradual extension of the scope of activity by: putting into service of new facilities, covering new regions and the diversifying the types of waste collected under full compliance with the regulations;

The technology used by the waste treatment and the internal procedures in the companies of the cluster, secure the effective processing of the waste around all the facilities of the cluster. The internal management of the companies around the cluster allows the exploitation of the equipment and the technical capacities to the most effective possible way and secures the maximum efficiency of the activity.


The principles that the company counts on by the realisation of the targets set are the following:

• Minimising and avoiding plastic waste generated after the internal processing at the facilities of the companies;

• Full compliance with the regulation by the waste management;

• Quick processing of the recourses, by improving the waste management activity and improving the quality of the technological processes of all installations at all facilities;

• Recycling, regeneration and reuse of the generated waste.

Policy of Unitrade Cluster

The policy of the cluster is formed based on the commitment continuously to improve the quality of work. Maintaining high level of environment preservation and covering the requirements of the clients are priorities of the management of the company. The increase in the orders, the high quality of the production and the responsible attitude towards the activity of the seven companies are the backbone on which the company policy lies. This can only be achieved by taking care of the human resources and increasing their qualification.

Common objectives in relation to quality and environment

1. To create, manage and maintain integrated system for the management of the activities of the companies, with care for the environment and the daily quality increase. In this manner we will:

• Facilitate the objective achievement, trough planned and controlled activities;

• Secure real feedback from the clients and achieving continuous improvement.

2. To secure a motivating working environment, which increases the professional qualification of the personnel and respectively reach higher quality of the production by:

• Accuracy by meeting production deadlines, precision by delivery and working with safe and environmentally friendly means and equipment;

• Keeping high level of culture in the relationships with clients and partners;

• Honesty and transparency by all actions;

• Full compliance with all laws, regulations, rules and requirements.

The main legislation regulating the business activities of the companies part of Unitrade Cluster:

Waste management act (13.07.2012)

Environmental protection act (25.09.2002)

Regulation on treatment and transportation of industrial and hazardous waste (adopted by Decree № 53 of 1999, SG br.29 / 1999)

Regulation on packaging and packaging waste (Prom. SG. 85 / 06.11.2012, amended. And suppl., SG. 76 / 08.30.2013 years)

Decree № 2 from 07.23.2014 on waste classification (issued by the Minister of Environment and Water and the Minister of Health Prom. SG. 66 of 08.08.2014 years)

Decree № 7 on the requirements that must be met for location of facilities for waste treatment (issued by the Minister of Environment and Water, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and the Minister of Health, prom. SG. 81 of 17.09.2004)

Decree № 1 of 4 June 2014 on the procedures and forms for providing information about Waste and procedures for keeping the public registers (Prom. SG. 51 of 20.06.2014 years)

Decree on the terms and conditions for payment of a product fee for products whose use generates widespread waste (adopted by Decree № 120 from 30.05.2008, Prom. SG. 53 of 10.06.2008 d . amend. and suppl., No. 5 of 20.01.2009, effective from 20.01.2009, Amend. No.. 45 of 16.06.2009, No. 69 of 3.09.2010, the amend., SG. 85 of 29.10.2010, effective from 1.01.2011 amend. and suppl., No. 29 of 8.04.2011 SG. 47 of 22.06.2012, in force by 22.06.2012, amended. No.. 75 of 02.10.2012, effective from 1.10.2012 g .; amend. Decision № 9028 from 22.06.2012, SAC of RB - pc. 87 11.09.2012, amended. No.. 76 of 30.08.2013, effective from 08.30.2013 SG. 100 of 19.11.2013, effective from 1.01.2014)


Sofia 1528

Iskar area, Podporuchik Yordan Todorov Street 4

Tel: +359 2 973 27 00

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"Unitrade Cluster" Ltd

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phone/fax: 02/973 27 00

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Working hours:

monday to friday: 8 to 17h.

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